Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Curious Question Of Rhinos

Rhinos are hunted across the world for their horns. This business area is fast growing because of the availability of people stupid enough to believe that, it is a cure for so many things.

So what is the solution? If I ask you this question, then your answers may be - Create awareness among people, enforce stricter punishments etc. Will you suggest trimming the horn itself? I guess no. However this is the brilliant idea came in the minds of Assam government.

According to a TOI report, "Last month, Assam Forest and Environment Rockybul Hussain had said the government will set up a committee to study if the horn of a rhino could be trimmed without any harm to the animal to save it from poaching." - TOI

In this way we can save elephants by cutting their trunks; and other animals by removing the organs given to them by nature. Bye the way, how they are planning to protect women?

Society's answer to these type of illogical reasoning should be a straight NO. Nothing less than that.



1. Environmentalists oppose Assam govt's move to dehorn rhino - TOI

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