Friday, March 21, 2014

GIS based Call tracking and GPS based Police dispatch for Women making distress call

The infamous gang rape happened in Delhi, in 2012 December 16. It was not the first gang rape in Delhi and certainly not the last one. In the next budget government came up with a 1000 crore nirbhaya fund.

After one year and two months of that incident, this is the statement given by Minister of State for Finance,

‘The progress on operationalisation of the ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ for which an amount of Rs. 1000.00 crore has been earmarked is being reviewed at the level of Finance Minister. A proposal for “Establishment of an Integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform for supporting Geographical Information System (GIS) based Call tracking and Geographical Positioning System (GPS) based Police vehicle dispatch to respond to women and other distress calls and ensure speedy assistance to them is at an advanced stage of approval. 

In addition to this, Ministry of Information and Technology is working on a proposal to introduce mandatory provision of SOS Alert Buttons in all new handsets/providing SOS alert system in the existing handsets through free downloading of suitable software. Further, Government has also approved a scheme of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to provide enhanced security for Women in Public Road Transport System in the country. The amount has been credited in a Public Fund and utilization will be as required from time to time’.

If you read it carefully, you can see sentences like ‘is being reviewed’, ‘at an advanced stage of approval’, ‘working on a proposal’ etc.

When they are going to introduce all those things? How much time they will take to review all those things? From when the status will change from ‘advanced stage of approval’ to actual approval?

Fortunately, one thing they approved – a scheme to provide enhanced security for women in public transport system. Isn’t this a misnomer? Provide enhanced security? That means there was some security in the past!!! Please let me know if you see any enhanced security in public transport system.

By the way it is good to see that, government is going to implement GIS, GPS based call tracking and Police dispatch. I support it 100%. But the question is, when all this things will become operational?



1. Lok Sabha Q & A (Feb 21/ 2014)

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