Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Political Dramas in Telengana

It is very much interesting to watch the current political drama going on in AP. By the way let me remind you, this is the state which elected the biggest contingent of congress MPs. However, those days are gone. After the split of Andra to Seemandra and Telengana it is guaranteed that, Congress is going to suffer heavily in Seemandra region.

However as the mid wife of Telengana, congress is supposed to be in an advantageous position in Telengana. INC managers must have believed that, TRS will merge with Congress (and make K Chandrasekhar Rao as first Telengana CM) and they will swipe Telengana. However, they forgot the main thing, even after the formation of new state, options are open for TRS. Why should they merge, if they can extract more from congress by threatening them?

Will congress give in to the wishes of TRS and destabilize their regional presence in return for some seats in center?


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