Friday, March 21, 2014

MCTS - Mother and Child Tracking System

There is a proverb in Malayalam – “Chottayile Sheelam Chudala Vare”. It means whatever habit you acquired in childhood will remain with you till the cemetery. This is true in the case of childcare as well.

Antenatal and postnatal care services provided to pregnant women; nutritional food given to kids; immunization to all children etc. will help the nation to create a strong new generation. MCTS (web based tracking system) introduced by Ministry of Health, Family and Welfare can play an important role in this development.

MCTS “IT system providing alerts to health service providers about the services due list and services delivery gaps… also provides ready reference about the status of services / vaccination delivered to pregnant women and children… appropriate health promotion messages to beneficiaries that are relevant according to the month of pregnancy or date of birth of the child are being sent on mobiles of beneficiaries… being used for transfer of JSY(Janani Suraksha Yojana) benefits to pregnant women after delivery as is presently being done in 121 DBT districts. A pilot to transfer ASHA payments directly into their accounts has also been initiated.”

As per the latest government reports, “More than 10.7 crore pregnant women & children have been registered on MCTS Portal”.

Wish all the success for ICDS, JSY, JSSK, NIPI, MCTS and other health care systems. Hope that they will successfully serve their objectives.


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