Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sansad Sadan turning in to Great Indian Boxing ring?

Some months back Julia Gillard (then prime minister of Australia) gave an interesting speech in Australian Parliament. This speech was highly critical (it went to personal level as well) of then opposition leader and current Prime Minister Mr. Abbot. Abbot was sitting just opposite to Gillard; he sat there for 15 minutes, till the end of the speech. He too can move, he too can throw something at Gillard, he too can run towards speaker and interrupt the session, he too can throw mic at someone. But he didn’t do that.

In British House of Commons, during the reign of Margret Tacher there was a lot of controversies. Labor Party was very much against her. Pepper might be available in London at that time also. But no one bring it there or sprayed on colleagues face. Forget about Australia and Briton, even in Pakistan’s senate I am yet to hear about such an incident. Then why this happened in India?

Sansad Bhvan is supposed to be the temple of democracy. Citizens of Indian give the right to 545 people to represent them in LS (and pay their full expenses) is not to through pepper spray or to throw mic at someone.  People are paying them through consolidated fund of India is to represent them in the legislature, present their aspirations and concerns.

Our parliament is quickly losing the status of a legislative assembly and becoming a boxing ring. Is this what we have to expect from our representatives? Don’t they have some principles on their own? Or that also spoon-fed to them by Election Commission and Courts?

This is not the first time (certainly not going to be the last one as well) we are witnessing these type of uncivilized acts in parliament. All members involved in this incident should be punished in a meaningful way. They should pay the entire expenses for that particular day’s session, severe penalty should be imposed on them for defaming the parliament and nation, and they should be suspended for rest of the current parliament’s term. Any repetition of these type of incidents should result in permanent disqualification.
By the way, what security forces were doing? Why MPs are not searched properly (MPs should not be exempted from search)? At least security personals should search the materials they are bringing to the Parliament.

Recently there was a controversy on Karnataka and UP minister’s foreign study tours. Please sent our MPs to British House of Commons to give them some understanding on how elected representatives should behave. Make sure thay they view the video tapes of parliament sessions prior to 60’s.


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