Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Indian ways of doing things in an economical way

This article (“Honey heals woundsfaster than betadine”) published in TOI is an interesting piece of news to read. In this age of sky high medical expenses (which are usually paid by patient), it’s difficult to use pieces of medical instruments which costs more than gold!!! 

So, how we can overcome this problem? By the way, these methods won’t be useful for implants, as the quality of inserted objects is very much crucial to the survival of patient.

Measuring pressure inside brain using 'simple sterilized rubber tube, filled with water'; using honey to heal wounds instead of betadine; using ‘mosquito net to treat adult groin hernia instead of polypropylene mesh’; using ‘household electric ties (used to hold wires together) as a substitute for surgical tourniquet to put compression at the base of the breast during breast reduction surgery’ so on and so forth.



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