Friday, February 14, 2014

Masterstroke or Misfired gun? Arvind Kejrival’s AAP Government is on their way out

Arvind Kejrival and his party (AAP) came to the governing seat of Delhi, promising an alternate form of government. Their propositions and fight against corruption was particularly attracted to Delhi middle class, who are tired with normal politics of India’s political behemoths. It was a dream run for the party in last assembly elections, they came second pushing Congress to third. What more, even sitting CM lost her seat. Without an element of doubt, it was a dream run for AAP, even though they failed to achieve majority on their own.

Now, after 48 days of high decibel action sequences, AAP is on their way out following the failure of Jan Lokpal bill in Delhi assembly. As each and every statement made by APP party members and their opposition was chewed and re-chewed in every news channels (except probably in DD News!!!) I am not going to discuss those things again. Was Kejriwal right in his decision to resign? Only people of Delhi can tell; I can only comment that, if he can come back with a higher tally then this will indeed turnout to be a good stroke.

One thing is there, if Kejrival and AAP can increase their number of representatives in Delhi assembly in next elections then they are going to redefine the way political parties are operating in this country. Parties may be forced to go local, a habit they left probably after independence movement!!! They may be forced to reveal their sources of income; politicians and bureaucrats will think hundred times more before engaging in corruption (ofcourse they may come up with new methods), they might be forced to live up to the promises they gave to the people.

Bad side is, political parties may not be able to take any hard economic decisions; government purses may remain open for populist programs; electronic media may turn out to be the key for winning more votes; importance of an issue may not be decided by its effective impact but how electronic media see it…

Whatever it may be. The best thing happened to AAP is, they never feared about (atleast they didn’t show) losing power. Hence, outside supporters find it difficult to control the party or government. An interesting learning point for next coalition government in Delhi and many other state governments. Government is answerable to the people whom they represent.


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