Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rioting over a ‘Storm in Teacup’ left five people dead in Dhule, Maharashtra

In these days, riots become an art form. When people don’t have anything else to do, set off for a rioting; when they fell frustrated, go and tear down others properties; when they can't find sound arguments, smack others with sticks; when others are not agreeing with their judgment, force them to do so; when they are not feeling elevated in front of others in their wildest imagination, crush others.

Researchers say mob have different dynamics, emotions appeal to them more than reasoning. Now-a-days this is same with individuals as well; people are living in the wildest end of their imaginations and seldom come to the world of reasoning.

Dhule, a city located just 350 km north east of our financial capital - Mumbai - witnessed a riot which killed five people and injured over 200. Weird thing in this entire episode was the reason for riots – it was not about police brutality; not about one group killing associates from another group; not about one political party attacking another, but about paying a bill in a restaurant!!! Ok, I can agree that, paying a bill in a restaurant may lead to arguments, but how come whole city joined sides and smash each other over this issue?

According to Police, violence was fuelled by religious tensions. I wonder whether India’s religious framework is a soap bubble which anyone can break by some words. If this is the state of affairs, then paying electricity bill, phone bill, taxes, donations, buying vegetables from street vendors, buying rice or wheat, paying hospital bills, what more even walking through roads can lead to riots!!!


The main concern here is people are unable to confine their religious convictions to themselves or four walls of their home. They often failed to reason and getting stimulated by superfluous arguments which won’t lead anybody anywhere. In these circumstances, if state is appearing weak then it will make the situation out of control.

The need of time is an uncompromising state apparatus in the events of rioting, coupled with a mandatory financial recovery system from people engaged in destroying public/private property. We can talk about creating awareness, but in front of a bull running towards us awareness seldom works. Creating awareness should be tightly coupled with stern actions.



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