Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boody traps in the dead bodies of soldiers – Maoists should stop this savagery

CoBRA Team of CRPF

One day a group of soldiers went to forest. Wearing uniforms, hand glued to guns, looking in all six directions, the party slowly moved in. They were cautious in every single step, who knew when a land mine would explode or adversary’s gun would create an inferno?

Finally they found out, what they were looking for. Corpse of their colleague, killed in fighting with insurgents. They moved the body to hospital for autopsy.  New stitches in the dead body made the doctors suspicious. They called bomb disposal squad, and moved body to an open field for diffusing the bomb.

In another instance, after searching and finding out the dead body, colleagues (with the help of village folks) tried to move the body. But, they didn’t know what was waiting for them - these dead bodies were tied with pressure sensitive explosives; motion detonated the bomb and killed another three - two villagers and one security personal.

These events didn’t happen in the remote provinces of Pakistan, neither in Taliban infested Afghanistan, nor in any lawless African country; but right in the heart of India - In Jharkhand's Latehar district. These dead bodies belong to CRPF jawans killed in a previous encounter. In the first case, it was that of a 29 year old CRPF constable, Babulal Patel.

Recently, in India, a lot of protests are going on. Against corruption, Delhi gang rape, killings at LOC, increases in diesel prices etc. We are protesting against the brutal way our soldiers were beheaded at LOC, but not many voices are coming against the savagery of placing bomb inside/ under the dead body of a CRPF jawan in Maoist hit jungles of Central India.

These types of activities will make war against Maoists bloodier. Soldiers are also human beings, mutilating the body a soldier (no matter whether it is living or dead) or village people or even Maoists itself are totally unacceptable for a modern society. People fighting in the name of tribal rights should at least show some respects to a dead body.



1. 1.5 kg bomb found in body of jawan killed in Naxal encounter in Latehar - NDTV
2. Bomb found in body of jawan killed in encounter with Maoists in Jharkhand - TOI

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