Friday, January 25, 2013

India's digitalization drive; 24,000 crores cheque to foreign companies?

"Admitting that foreign countries like China have gained in the first phase of India's ambitious Rs 24,000 crore digitisation process, I & B Minister said government was now trying to boost indigenous industry in the next are going to spend... about Rs 24,000 crore if TRAI estimates are correct, on this whole process of digitisation. Out of that, about Rs 12,000 crore... on buying set top boxes (STBs). Rs 6,000 crore ...on upgrading... equipment. Another Rs 6,000 crore...on on November 5, 2012, 22.4 lakh STBs had been installed in Mumbai, 25.15 lakh in Delhi and the number of installed boxes was 17.74 lakh."

Govt to push for indigenous manufacturing of set top boxes - DNA

Government woke up so late and started crying about India's missing manufacturing capability. I wonder what our government electronic companies are doing? Waiting for signing transfer of technology agreement? What about the so called private electronic companies, champions of economic liberalisation, for what they are waiting for? Getting a protected market?

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