Friday, June 4, 2010

Maoists Vs Indian Union - Part 1 : History of Maoists

"A conquering army on the border will not be stopped by eloquence." - Bismark (Speech to North German Reichstag (24 September 1867) )

From the dawn of civilisation - when we start learning to live as a society, humanity saw many different type of people who ruled over the very fate of humans  - Kings, Monarchs, Pirates, Politicians, war lords etc.  we saw the the best and worst of all the creeds (Of course may be the the best and worst are yet to come). After the seed of human race started expanding their footprint all over the earth, history recorded the rise and fall of many civilisations due to their inability to survive the external aggression, inability to change their attitude according to the changing world - and this process will continue as long as humanity exists in the face of earth.

As there are many different opinions, there are many philosophies too. Nature prefer diversity, however good it is, uniformity cant survive too long and the downfall of forced uniformity - which exists only in theories - is certain. When it come to politics Liberals, democrats, centrist, left, right, anarchist, communist, socialist etc will give their own contribution to the political system. Many people find out the best ideology suited for them  and many other formulated their own ideology. So far its ok, but many other went one more step and  forced others to accept their ideology. Will it survive? The answer is an obvious No.,

In the situation of modern India - Lets talk about the India after 1947 - we saw many ideologies - primarily Socialist, Communist, Naxalite, half baked Capitalist. I don't think there are many full blown capitalist exists in India, other than a small group of followers. Most of the so called capitalists are actually partial socialists. The result of India's socialist and half baked capitalist experiments. The result of experiments - even if it is a half baked capitalism, gave great dividents across the nation. Its true that everyone was not part of that band wagon, but it is also true that a good percentage got the ticket.

In this situation where a free mind will always try to break the chain and find happiness in automnomy, can be subjected to the propagonda of class enemies and anti democratic slogans? may be for some time. But when the wind of freedom reaches the innermost part of mind, it will tend to drift towards anarchy and democracy not towards the ideologies which propagates class enemies and elimination.

Lets take a look at the Indian theatre. We saw the rise of Naxalism (The term Naxalite comes from a small village called 'Naxalbari' in West Bengal, where a section of Communist Party of India - CPI(M) led by 'Charu Majumdar', 'Kanu Sanyal', and 'Jangal Santhal' started a violent uprising in 1967). Naxalites gained strong presence not only on the villages of West Bengal but also among the urban elite. After the annihilation line of Majumdar and the violence in Calcutta, then Chief minister of West Bengal 'Siddhartha Shankar Ray' came up with strong counter measures to counter these activities. These counter measures along with the death of Majumdar in 'Alipore Jail' accelerated and fragmentation of movement - we can say it went to hibernation.

History went on. In 1969 Communist Party of India (Marxist - Leninist) - CPI (ML) was formed. According to the latest history two biggest group - Maoist Communist Centre and People's war group (PWG) fused in 2004 and formed Communist Part of India (Maoist). There are many other naxal organisations like Andra revolutionary Communists etc.

But will their strategy work? Will there be a naxalite state inside India? Will they gained more support or loss the existing support too?

Maoists Vs Indian Union - Part II : Bloody war against the state


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