Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It took 65 days to take a decision to end the blockade in Manipur

65 days of blockade in NH 39 (Imphal - Dimapur)  and NH 53 (Imphal - Silchar), which pushed Manipur to the verge of Breakdown was finally over. NH 53, 39 are the main highways connecting Manipur to other Indian states, it is also the main sources of food and other resources for this North - Eastern state.

The recent set of problems started after the election for the Autonomous District Council (ADC) in the Naga dominated hill areas of Manipur. Naga students Union were against the election to these councils and moved to the action of blocking the highway 39 on April 6. The issue of not allowing Isak-Muivah (separatist group National Socialist Council of Nagaland - NSCN (I-M) leader), who is currently holding talk with central government (Naga Insurgents want a separate homeland for Nagas which includes Nagaland and all the naga inhibited areas of North East - Which includes land from neighbouring states too) only make the matters worse.

According to reports during the blockade the price of Petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG and other essential commodities increased manifold; even for that prices essential supplies are not easily available.

According to Business Standard Reports,

 "With an uncannily similar tone of helplessness, that Y Mohen Singh, the medical superintendent of Imphal's Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), explains that his 881-bed hospital may have to close in two weeks unless crucial supplies come through. "We are contemplating closing routine operations as we have only two weeks' worth of oxygen cylinders. Life-saving drugs, too, are only enough for two weeks. If normal supply doesn't resume, we will have to close down," he said."

Even after six decades of independence, why we are not being able to move away from the black wells of caste and tribal politics? The insurgency in the north-east areas are not started from today or yesterday, it have a long history of tribal politics. Even after so much bloodshed and lost decades why they are still not being able to look forward and concentrate on developmental and other activities?

Why people are still searching for a caste identity, and want to live under that veil? Even if some one want to leave that identity, our politicians will not allow them to do so. Now a days whoever asking for reservation and going for destroying public properties and declaring strikes is getting whatever they want; politicians are very eager to satisfy their vote banks.

If that blockade extended some more days then its sure that Manipur will face humanitarian crisis. The more shocking role is that of centre, it took 65 days for them to take a decision on sending paramilitary force to  break the blockade. Why such a delay? If there is any crisis of this scale between different states, then there should be talks between the states and if that is not working then central government should loss no time to step in as a mediator.

Actually it was possible to handle the problem in a better way, if both parties were ready too look in to the matter with a rational mind; but no, in these days of reactive (instead of proactive) and irrational politics who want to find a peaceful solution? Its the time for North Eastern states to come out of their caste and tribal politics and concentrate on development activities.


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