Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We live in a nation...

"We live in a nation...

Where pizza reaches home, faster than ambulance and Police,
Where you get a car loan at 5% and education loan at 12%,
Where rice is at 40Rs, but SIM card is free,
Where footwears that we wear are sold in ac showrooms but vegetables that we eat are sold in footpath,
Where everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to follow the path to become famous,
Where we make Lemon juice with artificial flavors and dish wash bar with pure lemon
Incredible India"

I got the above mentioned lines in the form of a sms from one of my friend. After reading that, I just sat there and thought about it for some time.

Just Imagine the situation, pizza is delivering faster than the execution speed of so called pillers of democracy. No matter whether it is legislature, executive or Judiciary. In parliament now a days walkout become a fashion (Anyway its better to walk out than disrupting the parliamentary procedures). Ministers are providing tones of promises and little an action. Judiciary is taking years to make judgments (Justice delayed is justice denied!!! who cares?).

Media is very fast, for each and everything they will have a sting operation and live telecast - but mostly operating out of big cities. How many of us are daily hearing about the news from the remote north east or the tribal belt of Central- eastern India? What is the problem? They are constantly injecting the news of IPL sagas; as if Indians are depend more on IPL than that of food. Even now entertaining news occupies a good portion of news papers (and electronic media) as compared to the news of common man and government policies.

Bollywood rarely produces movies about common movies. After all who have time to think about how common people are spending their lives. Time of poor heroes gone, now heroes are coming in the luxury cars and SUV’s.

Banks are ready to spend more on the motor vehicle sector than that of education sector. From where they came to the conclusion that education loans are risky one and have tag high interests? Are they so sure that they have to underwrite more educational loans compared to that of Vehicle loans?

No one knows how much rice we are dumping in Bay of Bengal and how many of Indians doesn’t enjoy the 'lavishness' of three times meal? Indeed incredible India...


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