Friday, June 25, 2010

"Instead of exchanging dossiers, we will exchange hearts" : Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik

"Hafiz Saeed is an issue. And we will also satisfy Mr Chidambaram on that. We have no problem in that."
"I will welcome him to Pakistan. Let us be friends. Instead of exchanging dossiers, we will exchange hearts," -- Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

What a good sentence; can you think about a better example for oxymoron? I dont think there will be many 'yes' to this question. Its really wonderful to imagine about the various ways he is going to satisfy Mr Chidambaram, the current home minister of India.

May be the recent documents of Punjab (A Pakistan province - Dont confuse it with the Indian state with the same name) government report will explain more about satisfying Chidambaram.

"The government of Pakistan's Punjab province provided Rs 82.77 million to Jamaat-ud-Dawah and its allied institutions during the last fiscal year, according to official documents.The supplementary budget for the past fiscal tabled in the Punjab assembly for approval revealed that the PML-N-led provincial government made a grant of over Rs 79 million to the Markaz-e-Tayyaba, the JuD headquarters in Muridke near Lahore.Another Rs 3 million was given as grants to schools run by the JuD in different districts of Punjab, according to the official documents".

I don't think anyone will take the pain of finding out the difference between LeT and JuD except Pakistan Government. Its just like one entity having different names and this is the same entity which is accused of executing the 2008 Mumbai attacks and many other terror attacks in India.
If this is the way relations are progressing then what is the use of exchanging dossiers? I don't think Pakistan's paper industry have much difficulties in getting raw materials for manufacturing paper.


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