Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Indian Republic and 60 years

"India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most artistic materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!"
- Mark Twain (Writer, America)

Today we completed 60 years as a republic. We remained as a secular and democratic nation even the nations who got freedom at the same time fall in to anarchy and military rule. We remained as a single nation even if India remained as diverse as the earth is.

We faced problems in the forms of wars with neighboring nations, insurgency in various part of India, poverty, financial crisis, international sanctions for years, earth quakes, terrorism etc but still 1.2 billion people more than 1/6th of world's populations remained united. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat along with islands celebrate 60th anniversary of the republic in the same way.
Even the decade’s long terrorism, insurgency and various riots failed to split the people, infact threats united people more strongly. As there are 1.2 billion people there are 1.2 billion voices- thanks to democratic frame work - but still there is only one voice for all these people when India faces a problem.

Its not that we don’t have any problem, there are still people who are struggling to win their bread; people who are still beyond the coverage of primary healthcare, people without homes an electricity. Insurgents and terrorists still remains a threat to national security. Widespread corruption still posses a great challenge to nation. Localist policies of various groups are still trying to break the unity of nation. Even if reforms of 1991 and later policies changed the face of the nation; government's distraction in going ahead for a complete restructuring still hurt the economics of nation.

We have many concerns to address and find solutions for that. I am here by put forward 11 core areas where we have to focus on to move further ahead.

1. Eliminating poverty and providing basic infrastructure to the people.

It is government’s duty to provide basic infrastructure and provide a way to earn their bread for common people. By basic infrastructure I mean proper roads, ports and rail facilities, not building numerous over bridges - Leave the building of over bridges to private companies and focus on core areas.
2. Tackling terrorism, insurgency and naxalism.

Killing the innocents people on roads and streets cant be justified under any situations. Its the duty of the government to maintain the republic as a secure one. Try to adopt a strategy and for God's sake please not jump to and fro every now and then.

3. Eliminating widespread corruption.

This is one of the main enemy of republic. Its totally unacceptable to give money to government officers for the facilities which republic provides to the people. Enforce stricter measures and sudden actions.
4. Going ahead with economic reforms and eliminating red tapes.

After the reforms of 1991 our country saw a major change. The biggest example of it may be our telecom sector. But governments now become slow on further reforms. Government have to remember that its not their function to run aero plane companies, equipment manufactures, various banks which compete each other in market, oil companies which also compete each other in market etc. Divest from non core areas or at least bring down the percentage of shares to 51 and focus on core areas and regulation.
5. Enhancing efficiency and eliminating delays in the beaurocratic structure and in projects.

Bring down the functions of government and focus on core areas. Avoid red tapes, and pull out of unnecessary businesses. Government don’t have any need to run companies, instead create authorities like TRAI, SEBI, IRDA for overlooking and regulating various sectors and of course give them enough power.

6. Tackling the narrow and localist policies of local groups.

The localist policies of various groups in various states may give them a political base in that region and may fetch a dozen seats for them. For creating the majority these couple of seats may be necessary, but remember that these policies are acting like a axe in the root of Indian republic. Remember India as a nation is more important everything else is secondary.
7. Restructuring foreign policy and trying to play a major role in international level.

Restructure the foreign policy and carve out a special place in international level. Engage in more nations as far as possible instead of focus on narrow regions. Expand the base to all over the world, when something happens like earth quake etc, in addition to giving monetary and food aid engage there as many as Indians as possible. Government to Government relations may change quickly but people to people relations are rock solid. So engage in the people level. Let our flag to fly everywhere.
8. Reforms in the police force.

Complete restructuring. Enhance the intelligence division of police force and give them more modern equipments. Remove political interferences in the force at the same time make them people friendly. People should feel police stations as an approachable shelter rather than creating fear in them.
9. Allocate funds and promote basic sciences, restructure teaching.

Whatever government do we can’t achieve progress unless we focus on core areas. Do you remember how many Indians conducted research in India and got Nobel Price? The funds going to the science section will come back with many folds. Instead of making every college in India a production factory focus on research oriented curriculum. Here government can took many lessons from our great ancestors.

10. Protect forest, wild life and rivers.

You can live with out a car, but with out water, air etc its impossible. Once all these gone it is impossible to get it back. Already we converted rivers to drainage channels and polluted air as much as possible. How many tigers are there in Sariska tiger reserve? These are our non negotiable assets so don’t compromise with it.
11. More open view in foreign technologies.

Instead of buying a foreign aircraft as it is, or saying indigenization every time, hire the best brains in the world no matter who it is, pay them well and give them all the facilities them want. Use them to teach in the universities across India. Hire the people who invent technologies, Nobel price laureates, and renowned scientists and create a research pool.

12. Clean energy

Focus on power sector. Enhance the production capabilities and transportation efficiency, eliminate power thefts. Give more focus on renewable energy and clean energy technologies.

As in the words of Swami Vivekananda,

"Civilizations have arisen in other parts of the world. In ancient and modern times, wonderful ideas have been carried forward from one race to another...But mark you, my friends; it has been always with the blast of war trumpets and the march of embattled cohorts. Each idea had to be soaked in a deluge of blood..... Each word of power had to be followed by the groans of millions, by the wails of orphans, by the tears of widows. This, many other nations have taught; but India for thousands of years peacefully existed. Here activity prevailed when even Greece did not exist... Even earlier, when history has no record, and tradition dares not peer into the gloom of that intense past, even from until now, ideas after ideas have marched out from her, but every word has been spoken with a blessing behind it and peace before it. We, of all nations of the world, have never been a conquering race, and that blessing is on our head, and therefore we live....!"

Jai Hind,

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