Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Public anticipating another war alliance?

It’s not unusual that different people will have different thoughts. But what it means if many people have same thought? It’s true that a thing will not become true only because majority says so. But like anyone else when many people sings the same song, I too start thinking about analyzing it once.

Today I was going through an article in Times of India. In the comments section some one suggested that we should make a military pact with Israel and US to strengthen our military strength in the case of a war with China. I was totally shocked after seeing that.

The reason is not the possibility of a war with China, neither the military pact with Isreal or US nor any other countries. But the shock for me in this case was the way comments are coming in; others confidence level in India's standalone military strength. It’s not the first time I am come across in such a suggestion. I saw this comments under many articles, most of the cases readers’ choice of partners will be - US and Israel.

How on earth they start thinking that the current US administration will even think about confronting China? how they can think that the current US administration will offer a better military equipments pact with India, which they are not offering to Pakistan? (US depend too much on Pakistan for the current operations on Afghanistan). And finally why people are suddenly start thinking about a war.

Is it due to the current media reports? If it’s so then everyone have to read that headings once again. It says like ‘Incursions increased by x% or like that’- it means all these things were happening in the past but media was not there to report. Now media is fighting with each other to remain in limelight. Believe me guys we have living in a comparably peaceful atmosphere as compared to past – if you don’t believe go to any history textbooks.

It’s true that Chinese militarily is developing very fast. They are building bases around India, and day after day bad stories of things comes from the McMahon line. It is also true that due to accusations and counter accusations we have many delays in our military procurement policy, many of our Defence projects are nowhere near completion. Many things are reaching no where.

But still we have one of the best forces in the world, and everyone even Chinese knows that 1962 will not be repeated. 1967 Sino-Indian skirmish (Chola Incident) and the 1987 Sino-Indian skirmish occurred at 'Sumdorong Chu Valley' are better examples. But what is the need for India and China to engage in a war after all. Will the two countries destroy their economies with a war?

So stop thinking about a war, and even if there is we have the capability to defend ourselves. Always remember that foreign policies of every country are decided by their own national interests. So any third party will think more than twice before participating in a war.

At the same time these remarks appearing in the news paper columns are a warning to the politicians. They have to make it sure that security forces gets what they needs; whether it will be bulletproof dresses, weapons, new generation fighter planes, destroyers or whatever it is. They can’t procrastinate the policies for ever.


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