Friday, January 22, 2010

India and Bangladesh new dimensions in partnership

India and Bangladesh's relation may have been one of the most friendly relation in the world. After all India helped Bangladeshis to create their own nation. But things were not the same in the recent years, but now thanks to the recent election of Sheikh Haseina, daughter of Sheikn Mujibur Rehman - Father and the main founder Bangladesh- things were returning in track.

Aftert the election of the current Premier Sheikh Hasina, NewDelhi and Dhakka are enjoying one of the best times in their relation. In fact India and Bangladesh are now engaged more in constructive talks which is based on the mutual benefit. In the recent months New Delhi and Dhakka signed many agreements like the mutual usage and deelpments of Bangladeshi ports - Chittagong and Mongla ports, and other infrastructure projects. The development of ports by India will help Nepal and Bhutan too. At the same time the joint power plant projects and 250MW electricity transmission from India to Bangladesh will help Dhakka to minimise the effect of cronic power cuts.

In the security front too the relation shows a lot of improvement, authorities is cracking down the terrorist networks and ULFA militiants. Unlike the other borders here we are on the path to permenent solutions.

But the Bangladeshi opposition is accusing this initiatives as challenge to national soverignty and surrender of national interest to India. Instead of going to the streets agaist the governemt they can give valuable inputs and cooperation to the government. They have to understand that the coming of India capital to Bangladesh will no way effect Bagladesh's freedom. Infact its all pure economic/infrastructure projects and will result in mutual benefit. The joint power projects and highway development projects along with port operations will help to generate more income, power and economic progrees for both nations.

India too get a good opertunity here. Investing in bangladesh will help us to improve our relation ship with B'Desh. The infrastructure project will help us creating a better connectivity between Noth East India and the rest of main land. Infact The distance between Tripura and Kolkata may be reduced by more than half. Another important point is the destruction of illigal activities against India by insurgents from border areas. The current cooperation between the intellegence agencies of both countries are a good sigh. I think that BSF and BDR can increase their cooperation in dealing with insurgents.

This relation is a win win situation for both countries. It will not only improve the relation between India and B'Desh but also help Nepal and Bhutan to come together and thus enhance the conectivity, coopeartion and development. This may give a new life to the suffocating and dying SAARC.


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