Friday, March 5, 2010

Latest Indo-Pak talks, Do we expect anything?

After a short gap India again opened the window of dialogue with Pakistan. For a long time we are on this dialogue process. Some time on and some time off. After the dialogue proceeds for some time there will be some terrorist attacks in some part of India and the dialogue will bounce all the way back to square one.
There is one more dialogue which also suffers the same situation. The marathon Indo - Sino talks, even the people starts to forget the number conferences we had with China.

After so many terrorist attacks people doesn’t have any hope in this process. This time it came in between the Railway budget and Union budget, so people were preoccupied with there balance sheets. But the basic question remain the same - is there any use of this dialogue if we are facing peace process in on side and terrorist attacks on other side?

Government accepts it or not there is a common opinion in India that the current dialogue process started due to the high pressure from Washington - which depends very badly on its long time companion Pakistan for her operations in Af- Pak region and needed Pakistan for a deal with Taliban.

But what we will get after all these dialogues? It's sure that neither India nor Pakistan will do any concessions on Kashmir issue as far as Kashmir Valley is concerned - the status Quo is not going to change anytime soon. Terrorist attacks in India are not going to stop if these groups didn’t become a costly affair for Pakistan or in the absence of highly efficient covert actions.

Americans may want to pull out of Afghan as soon as possible, and for that they are seeking a peace deal with moderate Taliban (I don’t know who coined this term), but what about us? What about the bomb blasts in Indian cities? Anyone in India imagine that Americans will handover the people accused in Mumbai terror strikes to India for trial in India court? After all Mumbai is in India and Indians suffered a lot due to the attacks. Will they pressure Pakistan to hand over the masterminds of those attacks to India? Will they force Pakistan to eliminate the India focused terror groups?

If there is a yes for at least one question then there is a point in talks. At the same time we have to remember what happened in London conference regarding Afghan issue. Even after India was the most popular foreign country in Afghanistan, and her huge development efforts in the country; we didn’t even invited to that conference as Afghanistan is situated not in South Asia but in some remote part of Siberia or South America.

In the end of the day we have to think about our security, we have to play our role in the game. We are not so deprived of options even in Afghanistan. If America can get along with Pakistan, even if the later continue the anti-India policies nothing stop us to build (recover) a friendly relation with Iran. Russia is still there, nothing in the world stops covert operations. So more than mere talks we have to look at what actions (if any) Pakistan is going to take, otherwise these talks will continue for ever and a lot more blood will flow in Indian soil.


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