Thursday, April 19, 2018

One evening in Pottery Town

Located in Cantonment area – just behind Featherlight School - pottery town is a small zone where families/small units make products using clay and other materials. If you like to buy clay pots of different types and shapes, Ganesh idols for festivals, diyas for Divali then pottery town is the perfect place to go.

Me and Nandan planned to visit this place long back. But due to some reason which I hardly recall we postponed the journey. When Jaseer asked about a place to go for weekend this was my suggestion. By the Bangalore palace is not so far. We decided to go there on a Sunday evening, which later turned out a bad idea. Sunday is a holiday for the town. We met at the side of Ulsoor lake and drove towards the town.

Pottery town was smaller than expected. We started walking from one end to other. One the narrow lanes there were multiple houses. There were lot of pots freshly made from clay. On the other side, lot of Ganesha statues of different sizes looking at pedestrians. Further down the lane there were a lot of Tandoori ovens. Soon we reached other end of the area. Hardly anyone was working on making pots. Everyone is sitting calmly here and there and talking with their friends and family members.

There was nothing much to do, so we continued or journey to Bangalore Place. In case you are planning to visit this area go on a weekday or Saturday.


1. 4-5 km from MG road, Bangalore.
2. Best time to visit: Weekdays and Saturdays

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