Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kathua Gang Rape, lawyers undermining the rules of Law

As per reports victime was kept in this room. Photo was originally posted in an article in Indian Express.
ON January 17 of this year; body of an 8-year-old nomad girl called Asifa was recovered from Rasana forests in Kathua district of J&K. As per J&K police report, she went missing a weak before while grazing family owned ponies. As per investigations conducted by J&K crime branch, Asifa was sedated and raped for several days in a nearby temple and later murdered.

What made this case different from all other rape cases is two things,

1. Out of 7 accused people, 4 are police officers. Ironically a father and son are also allegedly party this horrible crime.

2. Lawyers from Kathua Bar Association physically blocked J&K crime branch from filing charge sheet before Chief Judicial Magistrate. Their demand was CBI probe.

What make the tragedy worse is lawyer community, which have the power of law at their disposal and who are supposed to be professional are acting like anti-social. It was not just one or two lawyers. 

Today rape investigation is not about who said what. It's quite scientific, involving rape kits, DNA analysis, forensic analysis, post-mortem report etc. Why don't these lawyers fight it out in court through the due process established by law instead of street gangs? If they themselves undermine the law, then I wonder what might be going through the minds of Asifa's parents. Will they get justice?



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