Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Israel targeting Iranian positions in Syria

The location of the T-4 airbase, highlighted in red, that was bombed in the predawn hours of April 9, 2018. Syria and Russia have blamed Israel for the attack. (Credit: Joseph Hirsch). The photo was posted in an article in Times of Israel.
Latest attack by Israel on Syrian airbase - Tiyas aka T4 - killed 7 Iranian military personals. This is the second time in recent past Israel struck Iranian assets in Syria. In Feb Israel shot down an Iranian drone which allegedly violated Israeli airspace. In addition to that, F15 from Israel also struck Iranian positions inside Syria. That jet was later shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles.

The pattern of attacks states that Israel is willing to take the risk and attack if it reaches the conclusion that a particular Iranian position close to its border present any danger now or in the future. The important question is how Iran will react? I don't think Iran will retaliate directly or through its ally Hezbollah at least for now. The fact is, Assad lead Syrian government-Russia-Iran-Hezbollah coalition turned the tide in Syrian civil war. They are gaining territory and winning the war. At this point in time, they might not want to bring in Israel to the mess. So most probably apart from making some statements, Iran won't take any retaliatory action at least for now.


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