Monday, April 24, 2017

Taliban - Marching towards Kabul

Taliban religious Police beating woman
The word 'Deadly' is not enough to describe Taliban's 10 members strong squad's strike on North Afghanistan's largest military base. More than 140 soldiers (and counting) died in the attack. It is to be remembered that Taliban soldiers came in an army vehicle and went past 7 check points before firing on soldiers returning after Friday prayers.

Last year 6,700 Afghan soldiers lost their lives to the insurgency. The tragedy continues in this year as well. Taliban, on the other hand, is gaining heavily in country side; many cities are now on the verge of falling into their hands.

What makes this attack more important is, this happened on the north of the country; that also at one of the biggest bases of Afghan Army - 209 corps. This army group is responsible for providing security to 9 provinces of Afghanistan.

If things are going in this way, this war of attrition going in Taliban's favor. They are winning and have enough fighters. At the same time, Afghan Army which has more manpower and firepower slowly but steadily losing the control. Outside force cant props up Afghan Army forever. If security forces are not getting their act together, then it won't take much time for the world to see Taliban flag flying high over Kabul.


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