Monday, April 10, 2017

Bangalore: Dry lakes and Fat Sewage Channels

Bangalore is a rare Indian city which doesn't have a river to call its own. Other cities, at least have a drainage channel (which was a river a couple decades back) to claim. Instead of rivers, Bangalore has (I should rather say ‘had’) a good number of freshwater lakes. Many of them are man-made. However, the rapid development of real estate effectively converted the land occupied by those numerous water sources to high rise apartments and office complexes. Most of remaining lakes went dry or slowly encroached upon.

Interestingly there is a drainage channel flowing behind my office. It has a good amount of water even in this dry season. The only problem is, this water is green in colour!!! It is coming from a near-by lake which is fed by industrial and residential sewage. For time being, we Bangalorians are fed by water from Kaveri; who knows how long she will be able to feed us? Did I tell you that, bore-wells in Bangalore already gone dry?  Essentially what we are looking forward is a time, in which we may have to adopt the life style of those living in the deserts.

Being a Keralite, who lavishly spent freshwater, future looks too dry.


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  1. The name Bangalore appears to come from an Anglicisation of the native name Bengaluru– an adaptation of the earlier name in Kannada,Benda Kaalu Uru(Town of Boiled Beans). Apparently, this rather humble name was bequeathed to the city by King Vira Ballala. Once while lost in the area, he was offered boiled beans by an old woman, and it was out of gratitude that he named the area after this simple offering.