Monday, April 24, 2017

One Coal free day in UK

Nelson's Column during the great fog of 1952 [dec 5-9]. This smog killed more than 4000 people and eventually resulted in Clean Air Act
Britain achieved something phenomenal this time - a day without coal powered electricity. First time since commercial electricity production started. This is really a milestone in the journey towards the coal-free world. After all, it was in Britain where the first coal powered generator opened way back in 1882 (London). It was also in UK where James Watt came up with a steam engine, which powered the industrial revolution and thus enabled the UK to fly Union jack across the oceans.

This is good news for other coal powered economies - especially the US, India, and China. We can also leave polluting dirty coal behind and can start a new life with clean energy. If we are not able to shutdown current plants, at least we can stop constructing new ones.

As of now for Norway, Switzerland, and Belgium every day is a coal-free day. Germany is trying hard to switch to clean energy. Just think about the day when heavy coal users like the US, China etc. also joins the club. Definitely, that day will be as important as the day when steam engine came into existence. The human race will never be the same again.


Image Courtesy: The copyright for the image is owned by N T Stobbs [from Wikipedia under CC-ShareAlike 2.0 license]

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