Sunday, February 28, 2016

Water is running out…

In the future, fight may not be for gold, gas or oil but for water. Why wait for future, even now many regions of India are under severe water crisis. Farmers are committing suicide as back to back draughts wiped off their savings and placed a question in front of their life itself. What more, many interstate conflicts are about sharing water.

We can’t manufacture water like other commodities. We can conduct reverse osmosis and produce drinking water in coastal areas. But this is a costly affair and there are many parts of India which are far from any coastal area.

It is in this situation we need to look in to alarming reports coming out of Karnataka. In Kalburgi district of Karnataka, only half of the bore wells are working; i.e. 2,674 out of 5,875.

Taluk wise,
Sedam (465 out of 826),
Aland (245 out of 714),
Jewargi (714 out of 1067),
Chittapur (398 out of 590),
Chincholi (581 out of 717) and in Kalburgi only 441 out of 990 are working.

Situation is really alarming if we are not doing something now, then it may go out of hand. Double draught followed by severe water crisis can break anyone’s back. State need to act fast of protecting the remaining forests, rivers and wetlands.


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