Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Do resolutions actually work? I don’t know; I believe it depends on the people who took it. On this January 1, I asked many people about their resolutions. Most of them had one or more; for some Jan 1 was like any other day.

I thought of taking a lot of resolutions on that day. But, after thinking about last years’ experience I refrained from taking any new ones. It was not that I didn’t follow any of my last year resolutions. In fact, compared to previous years I broke less resolutions last year :)

I believe it’s better to think about a day on that morning and do justice to whatever decisions we take. It’s not that we shouldn’t have any long term goals. However, it’s not necessary that we need to take it on new year day. It’s all about when we are ready to commit for an idea and to follow it through…

For all those who took resolutions, I hope that it didn’t break on the next day. For those who didn’t take resolutions you can have some whenever you are ready…


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