Saturday, February 13, 2016

Long live Corruption

I had an expectation that, new generation of people joining government services might not take the easy way to make money. Unfortunately, it remained as an expectation only.

On the other day, I was travelling back to home from office in a BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corp) bus. As it was late night there wasn’t any direct bus; so I had to split my journey to two. Second one was for a very short distance – minimum charge. In this leg of journey conductor didn’t give tickets; when asked, his only reply was – “It’s next stop”.

When asked about ticket checkers who may get in to the bus from next stop, he simply told – they won’t come. Well, they didn’t come. But the fact is, if conductor is not giving tickets that much money will go directly to conductor’s pocket not to BMTC books. More or less the situation is like, we are going to a hotel and having lunch, pay the amount to waiter and leave the place. However, the waiter neither generate bill nor pay the money at counter. This is not an isolated incident but a well spread practice in BMTC for minimum charge journeys.


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