Sunday, March 29, 2015

When fakes rules the market

Everyone knows that, there are numerous fake LPG, PDS and God knows what else connections exists in India. It’s an open secret; after all how many doors are there in India which can’t be opened using money? What is shocking is the fact that, one in every 14 LPG connections is fake!!!

As per BS report, "direct transfer of cooking-gas subsidies has revealed 12.73 million “duplicate” connections". UP tops the list with 1.87 mn multiple connections, followed by Maharashtra at 1.35 mn and Assam at 0.99 mn.

I don't think fakes are limited to 1 in 14; it might be more. If government comes with another scheme, more fakes will be flushed out of the system. But the irony is, even at the time of speaking, many more fakes might be finding its way in to the system and enjoying subsidies.

These schemes might occasionally flush out some unwanted growth, but, as long as we are not eliminating the reason - the very people who granted connections - and put in checks and balances, we will be hearing many more horrific stories in coming days.

Another scheme where government has to pitch in is MGNREGA. This scheme may look good in paper, but on the ground its implementation is poor and lacks accountability. It’s better to say nothing about auditing!!!



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