Sunday, March 8, 2015

What is the key to Innovation, Mr President?

“Speaking on the occasion the President said Innovation is the key to progress and prosperity. The process of innovation converts knowledge into social good and economic wealth. It encourages the engagement of talent with the society to improve the quality of life. India always has had a strong tradition of knowledge. Our knowledge system offer tremendous scope for research involving land-to-lab investigation and lab-to-land transfer of technology. It is important that the vast repository of indigenous knowledge is protected, documented and preserved in active collaboration with prominent practitioners of traditional knowledge.” – President Of India

Innovation is the key to progress, I agree. But what is the key to innovation? Are we really creating those right environment for innovative minds to work on; or ideas to come out?

Why we are always focusing on the so called “tradition of knowledge”? It is true that we did something good in the past. But it was long time back; we can’t live on memories of past forever. We need to move on.


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