Sunday, March 8, 2015

Including History of North East in NCERT Curriculum

As per latest government press release, UGC has advised the Universities to include more elements of North-Eastern area and culture in university syllabus.

This includes,

“(I) Novels/short stories…
(ii) History of North East including personalities who participated in anti-colonial uprisings as well as freedom movement”

Apart from this UGC also recommends,

“(I) Students from the other part of the country to spend some time in the North East so as to understand and appreciate culture of the area… regular cultural exchange between institutions…
(II) The North East Zone Cultural Centre, an autonomous body of the Ministry of Culture also organizes various programmes under its scheme namely, National Cultural Exchange Programme (NCEP) for awareness about the culture of the North Eastern Region.”

This was supposed to be done long time back. At a time when people have very little information about India beyond West Bengal in the eastern side, these measures will really help. Making infrastructure for more people from other parts of the country to visit north east will also do some help.


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