Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Consumer…. Tax payers too require quality services

Maharashtra “state consumer commission last week directed a builder to pay a compensation of Rs 13.50 lakh to a Jogeshwari couple for a five-year delay in handing over possession of a flat in Thane. The couple has paid more than 95% of the flat's price of Rs 30 lakh. The commission also directed the builder and developer Ganaraj Group to hand over the flat within 45 days failing which Rs 1,000 per day would be payable to the complainants, Prashan and Sailee Dhotre, till handing over of actual possession of the flat.

We, the people, pay tax and submit all documents demanded by government. If failed, even for a day, Income Tax department and many other government agencies will come right in front of you. It was a tax case which delayed global acquisition of Nokia’s phone division by Microsoft. Finally what happened? Chennai plant was moved out of the merger and now Nokia is selling it in parts. Vodafone and IT department argued on how to calculate numbers, which one to put on which sheet for a good number of years.
In return do we get all those things a public administrative body is supposed to provide? In how many cities autos drivers are charging their customer by meter? In how many cities women can walk through the street without fear after ten in the night? The lists of questions are really long. Can’t we expect services like that?

By the way the article also says that, “The Dhotres filed the complaint before the commission in 2010”. I wonder what the commission was doing for last 4 years. Do these things are supposed to take this much time?

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