Monday, September 8, 2014

Twist of Tale in Middle East

I wonder how fast the table is turning and winners are becoming losers.

Look at the situation in Iraq and Syria. US attacked Iraq and removed Hussain from power. This brought a government led by Shiites in Iraq, which of course not the end result expected by US allies in the region. However, unknowingly US did a great help to Iran by stabilizing Shiite led Iraqi government for some years.

Look at Libya. US led coalition was instrumental in bring in a regime change in Lebanon; however it only brought that country to chaos. In the end militias started street to street fight and now Egypt and UAE isleading a bombing campaign in Libya!!!

Syria is bigger and stronger than Libya, and US was not ready to go for war against Syria, especially foot on ground. However, opposition was not powerful enough to bring a regime change in Damascus. Wait and watch didn’t help; it only helped numerous new jihadist organization to prosper and overshadow west funded and supplied FSA. Finally IS emerged out of this leadership vacuum expanded rapidly through Syrian territories and then to Iraq. Possible fall of Erbil was too much for US to accommodate.

Thus comes the faulty plan of air strikes in Iraq while leaving the IS bases in Syria intact. After all attacking bases in Syria requires some kind of understanding with Assad government and it will be viewed as a support for Assad. Now came another twist in the tale, Iran is ready to help US, and Uncle Sam may be willing to take that help (of course anonymously). But this move indeed alarmed US allies from Saudi to Israel to Turkey!!!

And now US started striking IS bases in Iraq, but not the ones in Syria!!!


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