Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tigers on the run for life in Maharashtra

National Animal
"Preliminary findings of the 2014 tiger census and figures obtained through RTI of last year's state-level count reveal that more than more than 40 tigers have gone missing across three sanctuaries in the state as compared with 2010 estimates."

Tiger population reduced in,

Sahyadri Tiger Reserve - From 21 to 5
Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve - From 20 to 6
Bor National Sanctuary - From 12 to 4

"RTI reply admits that a tiger was poached near Ranbodi in Umred-Karhandla. Over 30 poachers have been arrested for tiger poaching, it says. The department admits that in 2013 alone, three tigers were poached but it has registered at least 15 offences of tiger poaching." - TOI

This tragedy in Maharashtra shows how vulnerable our tigers are; even after modestly successful ‘Project Tiger’. There is no point of constructing a building from one end while someone else is destructing it from another end. On the conservation front we need to be on high alert.. always.. Otherwise our national animal may once again reach the point of extinction.


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