Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Independence of judiciary is non-negotiable" so as Individual's freedom

CJI “R M Lodha on Saturday said independence of judiciary is non-negotiable and whatever be the system for appointment of judges, the judiciary is strong enough to rebuff any kind of interference in its functioning." - TOI

With all due respect to CJI, I would like to add, individual's freedom is also non-negotiable. Courts can't sit on cases forever; trials should finish quickly and verdict should come fast. We can't have a system where under trials spend more time in jail than maximum punishment for the crime they allegedly committed. If any side is dodging the cases (no matter whether it is prosecutor, state or defendant) it is court's duty to take a strong view and put an end to those practices.

Why international agreement involving Indian companies are coming under Singapore or London courts and not under Indian courts? Is there are trust deficit?

Stakeholders of Indian Judicial system needs to introspect.


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