Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tripartite Dialogue, Mr. Mirwaiz Farooq and Kashmir

Problem with Hurriyat and many of its leaders are, they often live far away from reality and demands something which practically won't happen any time soon. However, just like anybody else Hurriyat and its leaders too have the right to express their opinions.

So let’s a take a look at Hurriyat's moderate section's leader Mirwaiz Umer Farooq's statement about tripartite dialogue for resolving Kashmir issue. Three parties mentioned here are - India, Pakistan and Kashmiri separatist leadership.

As a matter of fact, many assumptions about Kashmir issue are changed over a period of time.

1. Future dialogues between India and Pak will certainly include ‘K’ word, but may not enjoy the status it once had.
2. India's obsession with Pakistan is slowly but steadily declining.
3. A long peace session in Kashmir will certainly bring more tourists and business to the valley. I think business and people will be more inclined towards a peaceful spell. Once everyone enjoy the fruits of stability, there may not be much support for violence (even if the call for a separate Kashmir continued).
4. After witnessing and suffering from the results of terrorism in their own land, western governments may no longer remain sympathetic towards separatist’s demands in Kashmir.
5. Fair election process will slowly but steadily bring legitimacy to state government.
6. Siting out of the political system will certainly weaken the non-militant separatist leadership.

I think the best thing Hurriyat can do now is to join the state political system and participate in polls. This will certainly provide a real picture about their appeal in the state. Will they be ready for the same, is altogether a different question.

Will Mr. Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and his party be ready to taste the waters and measure the strength of their popularity among Kashmiries?


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