Monday, November 11, 2013

Crossing ‘Western Ghats’ – From Bangalore to Mangalore

Deep down here, I am flowing towards...
It was my fourth visit to Mangalore. However, I am yet to spend considerable time to see her beaches, Netravati and city’s wild Eastern Side. This time also it was not different; I may end up spending just one hour or so in Mangalore. What made the trip different was my determination to see the wilderness of Western Ghats.

From Bangalore, I boarded ‘Kannur Express’ (This train is also known as ‘Karwar Express’). Till Mangalore, train will carry passengers destined to go for Kannur side as well as to Karwar side. At Mangalore bogies will be separated and the ones carrying Passengers to Karwar will get a new engine and continue her journey towards north. Rest of the train will go to South – towards Kannur.

Mist and fog, miseries are far away

I tried hard not to slip into deep sleep. This forced me to woke up every now and then to check whether we started climbing ‘Western Ghats’ or not. At one point, when I woke up, I saw ‘SAKLESHPUR’ (SKLR) written over railways characteristic yellow plaque using black paint. From here, till next station - SUBRAHMANYA RD (SBHR) - one can view the beauty of Western Ghats for a total two and half hours. Try day trains for better view.

Towards that unseen destination, journey is still on....
It was around 3.15am, I could hardly see anything outside except the cool air creeping through the slightly opened windows. So I slept for a while and woke up after one hour. Then also it was hard to see outside; slowly it became clear - Trees, tunnels, small rivers and more - all the way to Subrahmanya Road. Beautiful...

93/0, hope this journey will never end
After a halt of around 15 - 20 minutes at Subrahmanya Road, we restarted our journey to Mangalore. Next beautiful entity to see on the way is magnificent ‘Netravati River’. After crossing the long bridge over the river, and travelling for some more kilometres, finally I reached Mangalore.


Project IGI - I am Going In

Project ICO - I am coming Out

You metal tracks, aren't you tired of waiting for me?

Subrahmanya Road - I reached the other side

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