Monday, November 18, 2013

SP leader Mulayam demands ban on English in Parliament!!!

Mulayam started kicking the dead dog. All of a sudden he wants to promote Hindi. Fine, it’s a good thing to promote his/her mother tongue. Father-son duo is currently ruling UP and they can allocate a huge sum to fund their efforts. But the problem is, he want to ban English also; that too from Parliament.

His reasoning is simple. "Countries which use their mother tongue are more developed. It's the need of the hour to promote Hindi".

Can anyone agree on a common mother tounge for entire nation?  Well, that altogether a different question.

If we follow his reasoning, India didn’t become a developed country because we didn’t promote mother tongue. So simple... GoI might be wondering, why they brought in ‘Reghuram Rajan’ to identify the route cause and fix the financial problems.

By the way his son, Akhilesh Yadav, got masters degree in Environmental Engineering from an Australian University.

Why media is taking this entire issue seriously? He went to a meeting to promote Hindi and said something to satisfy the audience.




  1. Why should we speak a foreign language in Indian Parliament? why not an Indian language? the only question is which one? let there be a referendum by the Indian people on this topic.

    English can remain the language of commerce