Thursday, July 4, 2013

Proliferation and Duplication of Centrally Sponsored schemes

Sometime back when I went through the list of central government schemes, I felt more like reading a dictionary of abbreviations. Just imagine the sheer numbers of bureaucrats required to support and run those schemes (many of the schemes are partially or fully duplicate). This long list may serve to increase the size of the system and decrease its efficiency. Just like the long canals we built for various dams, which often run dry.

I think this has to do more with politicians and bureaucrats, who are eager to announce some new schemes every day to improve the living conditions and empower citizens (at least in theory). This often led to duplication of schemes, beneficiaries, extra paperwork and of course more corruption.

In such a situation central government’s decision to merge 147 centrally sponsored Schemes to 66 covering various sectors during the period of next year plan make sense. It is to be remembered here that, Chaturvedi committee recommend bringing down the schemes to 59.

Will this help in long term? Well, less confusion, les bureaucracy, less administrative hurdles; but in long term? No...Elections are coming. Again the number of schemes will go up!!!


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