Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ghaziabad Riots and its victims

"Police firing in Dasna, Ghaziabad, on Friday night claimed the lives of six people, while a sub-inspector and a head constable suffered serious injuries in the rioting that ensued. The violence was triggered after a copy of the Quran was discovered on the railway tracks with number scribbled on its pages." - Hindustan Times

Only people whose feelings were hurt can experience and describe its true intensity, this is not different in the case of finding holy book in railway tracks close to Ghaziabad.

However, how far common people/ Police  responsible for the incident?

Finding the book close to railway station means,

a. It may come from a train passing through the area (TOI). In this case, there may be a good number of trains, carrying thousands of people passing through the area.
b. Somebody may planted the book there, with the intention of creating riots.

In both cases, common people/ Police have little control over the alleged incident. How Police could stop a person from throwing holy book, that too from a running train? There was no prior information, and it was totally an unexpected event. According to the second scenario, even if somebody planted the book there, do you expect Police know it beforehand?
People can protest peacefully/ file a Police complaint. But burning police stations, vehicles, damaging public and private properties etc are extreme reactions. After all, police and owners of the vehicles may not have anything to do with the alleged incident for which they end up as collateral damage.

Moreover, people whose property and vehicles were damaged too have similar reason for becoming angry. If they are starting another riot, then?

This incident already cost 6 lives, everybody has to make a full stop here.


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  1. Some people in our country are full of hate. They just want an excuse to show their hatredness.
    People are fullish and illetrate to an extent that they even didnot think it must be a plan of a person from their own community.

    Government instead of punishing those people, giving the rioters money and punishing the police.
    What should police do in that case? If somebody is roiting, keep them roiting? If roiters are too voilent, police should see the drama calmly or run away.