Monday, July 6, 2009

Why ladies only?

I don't know why feminist organizations and government is so crazy over reservations for women. Up to now there was a demand for reservation of 33% in parliament. Now government is introducing ladies only trains.

Ofcourse the introduction of ladies only trains in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata suburban routes will help women travelers. There is no question about its usefulness. But the question is how long we can go in this way?

Ladies only trains like ladies only constituencies may offer many benefits to women. As politicians say it may help the women to reach the forefront. But is it the right way?

There are other things too consider, the society is both for man and women. No one should have special rights. This is the time where rape cases no matter the age - small child to senior citizens - are continuously on the front pages of news paper. In a country like India, where once ladies are respected - now in the storm wind of rape cases, molestation cases etc.

Not only this one, girl child's are facing discrimination and gender ratio is falling.

Putting ladies to separate compartment, running ladies only trains, ladies only schools, colleges (May be proposals will also come for ladies only flights, ladies only companies etc) will not end this situation it will only worsen the situation.

What government have to do is to introduce sex education right from schools, it will also help in preventing child sexual abuses. Sex shouldn't be considered as a taboo- i dont know why a country like India which also construted Khajuraho temples is considering sex as a taboo. Governments decisions too is not in the right way. The outright ban on 'Savitabhabi' website indicate it.

School cariculum should change in such a way that it should view men-women relation with dignity. And should view girls/women with digniny not as an object to molest or rape. And also society should help the victims instead of turning then as an obect for further laughter and abuse I think proper education with severe punishments to the rapists and other abusers will eliminate the problem.


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