Monday, July 6, 2009

'Tests' on Test cricket - New 4 day format

In the end that too happened. The growing popularity of 20-20 format finally forced to reshape the test cricket too. The recent interview of ICC president David Morgan with India Today Magazine may be a blow for test lovers.

The proposal is to change the test cricket from 5 days to 4 days, so that it will be somewhat short; to introduce coloured balls; and to play the test in night too - To attract the prime time slot?

It is a real fact that after the introduction of ODI and 20-20 format the number of viewers for test cricket is in constant decline, and if the views are less so will be the money generating capacity (read Ad revenue). Compare the revenue of IPL matches with some test cricket tournament- short time, more viewers, more money.

But what about draws? If there are four innings and only 4 days without any limitation on overs, the draw rates will starts to increase (In 1990-99 64.29% of matches showed results, in 2000-09 75.68% showed results) may be ICC will introduce some countermeasures to avoid these draws.

The decision to play the test in night will increase the television audience and ad revenue too.

Anyway the the beauty of test cricket will have to face some set back.


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