Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ladies only seats

Its not happening for the first time; I gave up the seats before too - of course not according to my will- because our beloved government want women to sit in the 33% of the seats. Don't ask me why its not 50% as women are approximately 50% of the society - In Kerala its higher that 50%.

But this time it was too much(Is it necessary that we have to follow some rule even if it creates unfair advantages to one part of population? The same is applicable in the the case of discrimination against one part of society). This time I was traveling continuously for last 3 days, day and night and in the end; I was back in Bangalore in a good morning - but for me it was not so good as i was traveling continuously and for the last 11 hrs, at least 40-50% standing.

As usual I went to BMTC stand using the underground path from Bangalore City Railway station. From platform 15 I got the bus to Electronic City; In that time there were no ladies and all the seats except that for ladies are occupied.

As there is no other way i selected the last reserved seat, if not more than 10 ladies come its good as i don't have to leave that seat. Four other reserved seats are occupied by others. But the number of ladies reached 12, 2 are standing. Then one suddenly came towards us for claiming that seat. As there is no other way and it is the so called law, we - there is one more gentleman in that seat about whom i don't know anything.

But this forced me to think about the reservation once again. To be truthful - i don't like the idea of reservation in any category. But this reservation of seats in bus, which remembered me one title - "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus". I didn't read that book, as I don't have it with me but i like that title. But government try to make it so - Ladies only seats, ladies only trains, may be ladies only planes too will come soon!!! There is a bill before the parliament which recommends 33% reservation for women in Loksabha; but whenever this issue become part of the agenda people start kicking it like a soccer ball!!!

The reservation in buses actually became a problem for women itself. If reservation is not there(even if its there!!!) there is no problem about seats, ladies can sit anywhere(I mean in any seats). But after reservation what happened is that everyone thinks(including women if my observation is correct!!!) that 33% of seats are for women and rest is for men. Many of them have keen interest in occupying the 33% reserved seats but not that much for the rest. Actually what happened is that it become a 67% reservation for men.

The other problem is that, people who originally deserve that seats have to give away it to someone else, who just come and sit. Most of times i will try my maximum to get the side seat - just to watch outside - who want to sit in a tightly packed seat that too in the middle. But reservation always become an unfair adjustment, to be proved wrong(As long as there is a vote bank it will not be proved wrong, don't worry - politics will make it sure) in long term.

History may be there to justify it. But we have to find other solutions like mass scholarship schemes etc to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. Anything that is unfair like untouchability, partiality from government sources must be terminated. Dark will not become bright by removing the existing bulbs, but by upgrading it and creating new ones.


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