Tuesday, July 7, 2020

'Operation Warp Speed (OWS)' - Accelerating towards COVID-19 vaccine

Goal of OWS is to deliver 300mn doses of safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19 by January 2021. This project is a partnership among agencies under US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) like FDA, CDC, NIH, BARDA and Department of Defence. 

Today OWS announced the largest US government Covid-19 vaccine contract to date - a whopping $1.6 billion contract with Novavax. In fact Novavax is the fourth company to get federal funds for phase 3 clinical trials, where each trail includes 30,000 people. Earlier government gave more than $1.2mn to AstraZenca. Moderna ($483mn, phase three trails might start by end of this month) and J&J ($456mn) also received funds for phase 3 contracts. 

Hope that at least one of them will break through and humanity can finally claim victory over COVID-19. 



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