Friday, May 29, 2020

Summer Rains

When sounds started coming from outside, I turned my head back from the tv screen and looked towards the glass door. It was raining outside; clam bright blue skies gave way to darker angry clouds and noises. Soon that vast empty space was filled with little drops of water, followed by a train of the same. I slowly walked towards the door; opened it; and walked to the balcony to embrace the cool wind. After a while, I opened the doors on the other side and took the stairs to reach outside; to see the full fury of summer rain. On my right corner and dead three was standing tall without any leaves. A couple of white-colored birds kissed and said goodbye to that tree.

 At a distance, on the backside, migrant workers shed were drenched by rain; heavy winds hit hardly on its rood made of silver-colored metal sheets. Water filled with mud formed two small streams on both sides of those sheds. A sad sight to see. Building work was supposed to be started sometime back, but COVID outbreak hold it back and laborers were stuck in those tiny metal sheds. I walked towards the other side, there were 4 - 5 pairs of young parents, standing with their kids and talking to each other in Hindi. They let their kids walk a bit to the rain. By this time, rain almost finished her dance; she ran back and hid behind clouds. Those tiny little angels were so happy to hit with the nectar of life above. Two different sights of life... 


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