Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Presidential News OVERDOSE – Please Stop

The problem with lengthy US presidential election is, both print and electronic media across the world would be filled with what each candidate did in every second. Is this required? I don’t think people around the world are so much worried (for one full year) about who is going to rule US for four years. The problem is media think it is THE most important thing in the world for that one year.

As if this is not enough, news outlets are in an overdrive this time. They see everything related to US internal and foreign policies through a prism called Trump. For most of them issues across the world where people live and die hardly matters when comparing with what Trump say or tweets.

I had great respect for US news media outlets; their high-quality journalism and good reporting backed with good evidence collected painstakingly. However, if they are continuing in this way, I don’t think I will have the same respect to them for long. You can criticize Trump, his policies but don’t make that the only news. Journalism is not copy pasting tweets or commenting on other people’s comments – even if it is US president.


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