Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Anti-Climax in Goa and Manipur


This is not something which even the veterans of Goan politics expected after elections. Most of them might have rightly guessed that, no single party would get the majority. A hung assembly was on the cards. 

However, an anti-climax like this were Congress despite have 17 seats pushed towards the opposition benches was a total surprise. Who would have imagined that, failing to nominate a CM candidate immediately is going to cost them five years? By the way, BJP’s current CM and many of his cabinet colleagues lost their seats in this election. 

To get the majority BJP pulled parties (who campaigned against BJP in elections) and crossed the half way mark. What more; they even formed a government!!! All those small party representatives got ministerial positions (I don’t know what else they got). Given enough incentives they may even join Congress.

Goa before election, ruled by BJP

Election Results
Total Seats - 40
Congress - 17
BJP – 13
GFP – 3
MGP- 3
Independent – 3
NCP – 1

In the election BJP lost 8 seats, while Congress gained 8 seats. It is true that, BJP got 32.5% of votes while Congress got 28.4% of votes. But it is not the percentage of votes, but the number of seats in the assembly which matters. 


Total Seats – 60
Congress – 28
BJP – 21
NPP – 4
NPF – 4
LJP – 1
IND – 1

Here too Congress is the largest party. However, BJP with 21 seats suddenly formed the government. 

Media says BJP outfoxed Congress. However, I would rather say, all these political parties continue their habit of outfoxing people who elected them in the first place. What you think?


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