Sunday, February 19, 2017

They need care and medicines NOT GUNS

What I don’t understand about America is, her citizens’ crazy demand for guns. After all, US have one of the world's biggest army, mammoth Homeland Security and other internal security infrastructures. All these institutions are very much functional and ready to face any challenges. In such a situation, what is the need for the state to let her citizen's carrying guns? I know that, this has a lot to do with the way US got independence and evolved over a period of time. Now-a-days many started considering the right to own a gun more important than the right to live.

Letting everyone carry a gun is an easy way to invite tragedies. I don’t think any other country will do this to their people, that also so willingly. Mass shootouts in public spaces, schools and deaths of thousands, armed robberies are living example of how the easy supply of guns rupturing the basics of families and societies. A man/woman carrying a gun is a walking death machine. There is high possibility that those carrying gun, may also use it in undesirable circumstances.

Now-a-days what we are seeing is, instead of outright ban or more controls on gun purchases Congress is more willing to relax the rules and allow more widely use; to the extent that even a mentally unstable person can also carry a gun.

I don’t think here in India, government is providing all required security for her citizens. But people carrying gun and roaming around the streets will be the last thing I want. Hope that, those gun hungry people will also realize this and do something about it. At least don't give it to mentally unstable people. They need care and medicines not guns.



1. Congress says let the mentally ill buy Guns - NYT

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