Friday, July 22, 2016

Raped Again - No lights at end of the tunnel

There are many things in which we Indians are not proud at. One such area is the attitude towards women at some regions in India; many consider them more or less as a tool for sexual satisfaction than an equal human being.

Rape is not unique to India; there are many places in this planet were rapes are routine and culprits walk free. But that doesn't make our record good. We are not supposed to compare our country with some stateless places where rule of the law is never heard of (or still rules by medieval rules).

What troubles me more is, even after so many incidents and too many laws every day it happens.

However, media reports those incidents depends on its news value to them (after all they are not doing any public service). Hence, instead of presenting the simple fact that a girl was raped; they highlight the social status of that girl and family. Those who don’t fit into these brackets hardly matters. Hence it is not an innocent girl who was raped but a Dalit girl. What you think? A girl was raped because she is a girl or because she is a Dalit girl?

Another thing which troubles me is the way laws are implemented. First of all, court affairs are very costly and not affordable even to middle class. Another problem is lengthy proceedings; by the time you get final copy of verdict (after all appeals) your you might have spent all most all money and life. If the accused are rich enough to hire good lawyers, then it may even turn out to be a futile exercise. Assume that you are ready for all this. Will that decision offer any protection to you? A girl from Rohtak (close to National capital and seat of Union government - Delhi) is an example of that irony.

Couple of days back this 20-year-old college student was found in the roadside bushes of Rohtak. She was raped and left to die. What makes this case deadly is; those who raped her now already raped her three years back. They probably did this again because she was determined to fight against them in courts.

As per news reports, "Family members said the attack last week was retaliation for not withdrawing the case. Instead of settling the matter in court, the five men had wanted to do so out of court, the victim’s family members said. The accused wanted to pay about $75,000... but the victim’s family members said they repeatedly rejected the offer."

So who are the culprits here? Those five men? or Indian Law & Order and Judicial system towards which those five men had any respect or fear. Earlier the state failed to protect her, later state failed to bring those culprits to justice, later state failed to stop the culprits from threatening her family, finally state failed to protect her when those five raped her and left her body in the bushes to die.

What we want is not extraordinary laws or all power to police; both actions are useless. We need our law and order machinery to protect citizens, their life, wealth and property and judiciary to make things fast and less costly. Is it too much to ask?



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