Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For those who lost their childhood to elder's senseless wars

It is not easy to give hope to those whom are otherwise betrayed of their joyful and innocent life. Millions of kids in Asian and African war zones are paying heavy price for their previous generations greed and crimes. A generation lost their play time and hope due to the senseless war for power, money and religion. It is here where Tim Jahnigen and Sting’s efforts to bring hopes to that very people by designing and popularizing a new type of football - which can withstand rough grounds of Rwanda, Congo, Sudan and many other war ravaged countries where playing is more than a luxury – is important.

“…Tim Jahnigen, when he saw a documentary about children in Darfur who found solace playing soccer with balls made out of garbage and string, he was inspired to do something about it. The children, he learned, used trash because the balls donated by relief agencies and sporting goods companies quickly ripped or deflated on the rocky dirt that doubled as soccer fields. Kicking a ball around provided such joy in otherwise stressful and trying conditions that the children would play with practically anything that approximated a ball.

he happened to be having breakfast with Sting, a friend from his days in the music business. Jahnigen told him how soccer helped the children in Darfur cope with their troubles and his efforts to find an indestructible ball…

One World Futbol Project has distributed more than 700,000 footballs in more than 165 countries, impacting the lives of an estimated 21 million children around the world since July 2010… Doctors Without Borders and a U.S. Army colonel in Afghanistan have taken balls with them on their travels.”

For reading the full story, please visit – Balls that make the difference


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