Thursday, March 24, 2016

GoI launched 'Setu Bharatam' Project for Building Bridges

Prime Minister Mr. Modi launched 'Setu Bharatam' programme for building bridges on National Highways for uninterrupted travel. This project aims to free NHs from railway crossings by 2019. As part of the plan 208 Railway Over Bridges (ROB)/Railway Under Bridges (RUB) will be built at level crossings at a cost of 20,800 crore.

Details of ROB/RUB is as follows,

Andhra Pradesh – 33, Assam – 12, Bihar – 20, Chattisgarh – 5,
Gujarat – 8, Haryana – 10, Himachal Pradesh – 5,
Jharkhand – 11, Karnataka – 17, Kerala – 4, Madhya Pradesh -6,
Maharashtra – 12, Odisha – 4, Punjab – 10, Rajasthan – 9,
Tamil Nadu – 9, Utarakhand – 2, Uttar Pradesh – 9, West Bengal – 22.

Detailed Project Reports have already been received for 73 ROBs and out of these 64 ROBs are likely to be sanctioned with an estimated cost of 5600 crore in this financial year (2015-16) itself.

Around 1500 old and worn down bridges will also be improved by replacement/ widening/ strengthening in a phased manner at an estimated cost of 30,000 crore.

Another good initiative by 'Ministry of Road Transport & Highways' is the established of 'Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS)' at 'Indian Academy for Highway Engineer' in Noida. Objective of IBMS is to carry out conditions survey and inventorization of all bridges on NHs in India by using Mobile Inspection Units. As of now inventorization of 50,000 bridges are completed. The first cycle of the survey is expected to be completed by June 2016. This data base will be the largest of its kind and will also help in smoothening the movement of Over-Dimension and Over-Weight consignments on NH.

Hope that, the new bridges will ease the travel across rail crossings and save a lot of time in transporting goods and people.



1. Press Information Bureau, Government of India

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